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Product information

From our collection you can find four weight blankets in different sizes: for children the size 115x150 cm which is 2,5 kg and three 150x200 cm sizes for adults which are 5 kg, 7 kg and 9 kg.

Do you want to sleep more peacefully, deeper & better? Calm down, release stress and anxiety? The weight of the weight blanket creates a comfortable pressure and a sense of security in the body, which calms the body and mind. Weight blanket

  • promotes sleep
  • reduces anxiety
  • helps calm down
  • helps overcome the over sensitivity to touch
  • may help with obsessive compulsive disorder

We recommend choosing a blanket which is about 10-15 % of the user’s body weight. You can use weight blanket in multiple ways: placing it on your shoulders, over the neck, on back or legs and using it as a full body cover in bed or while you are sitting. If you feel that the weight blanket is not working the first time you try it, try it several times and imagine the weight as someone’s hug. Let your body adapt to the weight. If you feel that the weight blanket is not warm of soft enough, you may use ordinary blanket under the weighted blanket. Weight blanket is not recommended during pregnancy or to people who are unable to move the blanket by themselves.

MATERIAL: 100 % Oekotex certified cotton, lining microfiber, filling polyester & glass beads

WASHING: hand wash

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